Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists

'Following The Famous Scientists' is a Comenius Project

The Comenius project 'Following the famous scientists' teaches our students the legacy of the chosen scientists and their contribution in today's life, science and European culture.



Uppdated 2009-08-25


Tycho Brahe

The life of the scientist
Historical background
Scientific discoveries
Scientific methods   
Places of to visit



Students in the Astronomy and science group
Manu Upadhyaya NV1b Spyken
Jonathan Wingren NV1b Spyken
David Christensen NV1b Spyken
Gustaf Olsson NV1b Spyken
David Appel NV1b Spyken
Axel Ogell NV1b Spyken
Emil Helstad NV1b Spyken