Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists

'Following The Famous Scientists' is a Comenius Project

The Comenius project 'Following the famous scientists' teaches our students the legacy of the chosen scientists and their contribution in today's life, science and European culture.



Uppdated 2009-08-25



A Comenius Project: Following the Famous Scientists.

BULGARIA: Stamen Grigorov
The Bulgarian Chemist and Biologist (1878-1945)

GERMANY: Wilhelm Roentgen
The German Physicist (1845-1923)

ITALY: Ernico Fermi
The Italian Physicist (1901-1954)

NORWAY: John Ugelstad
The Norwegian Chemical Engineer (1921-1997)

POLAND: Nicolaus Copernicus
The Great Polish Atronomer (1473 - 1543)

ROMANIA: Henry Coanda
The Romanian Engineer (1886-1972)

SWEDEN: Tycho Brahe
The Danish Astronomer and Scientist (1546-1601)


Following the famous scientist in Europe - a Comenius Project

Students in Comenius Project visiting Poland