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Uppdated 2010-06-09



Italian Teachers' View Point...


We arrived to Etropole in the afternoon, after a comfortable travel; our Bulgarian colleagues were waiting for us at the school "Hristo Yassenov" where we also met the host families of our students.
We were accommodated in a nice hotel placed on a hill in a little wood; the hall was large and bright and in a corner of it a fire place bursting night and day.
The rooms were small and not so well equipped but the surrounding of the hotel was fine.
We appreciated very much the opening ceremony as the students song and danced very well wearing traditional dresses; after the ceremony, the students had some activities at school and the teachers had a work session to discuss about guide book and other works the project asks to partner countries.
It was so nice walking in the town of Etropole where we were invited by the Mayor to have a meeting with him and have a snack in the Town Hall.
The visit to the farm of Malo Buchino was interesting and funny: interesting because we saw the procedure to obtain the yogurt and funny because before going into the farm we had to wear some strange clothes and we looked each other and laughed a lot.
Our students were happy about welcome they received from Bulgarian families and students and always they could enjoy a fine atmosphere both in family and at school.
We enjoyed Sofia very much, it was a sunny day and we walked around the town visiting squares, churches and other monuments.
At least it was a long trip but very interesting for what we saw and visited and so important for people we met and what we all gave our students.



the Mayor