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Uppdated 2010-06-11



Impressions of the Polish Students

15.03.2010 r.
Our accommodation was fantastic. We enjoyed the families life. All of them were very friendly and the really took care about us :) We miss all of them..
16.03.2010 r.
The visit in "Hristo Yassenov" school was cool. First we saw the opening ceremony and we enjoyed the Bulgarian national songs and dances. Then we visited the school and participating in a few lessons and sport activities. Later we visited the local authorities, again being recorded by video cameras. Later we visited the town of Etropole with our Bulgarian friends as the guides.
And the best thing of day was DISCO at the end of this day.!!!! We had veeeeeery big fun there :)

17.03.2010 r.
This day could be called " a joghurt day " . We will never forget the visit to the Yoghurt factory. Everyone had to wear protective clothes and all our group looked like UFOs ! Then we admired a beautiful canyon of the Emma river. But the most crucial for this day was a museum of joghurt. Every place where we had was very impressive. We were so happy that we could see them.

18.03.2010 r.
A visit in the cave ''Saeva Dupka'' was cool .We were really glad that we just could be there...and the best in the cave were bats hihihi. The old capital city of Bulgaria was nice . We liked specially Fortress of Tsarevets.
19.03.2010 r.
We saw a beautiful Bojano Church where we could see amazing frescos from Medieval times. Next to this church there were huge sequoias. In Sofia we had a charming walk with a really charming, young guide. Then we visited a Museum of History and also saw changing of the guards outside the Palace of President.
The trip to Sofia was amazing . We liked this city but the most fun in this city was a shopping mall :)
20.03.2010 r.
That was a very sad day for us because we said goodbye to my new best friends . For ever ? At last we had to come back to Poland. We were so impressed ! Now we have a lot of new friends and we hope to keep in touch with them. Maybe someday we will meet again ?