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Uppdated 2010-06-10



Romanian impressions from the trip to Bulgaria by Ana Negoescu, grade 8 A
and Alexandra Popa, grade 7 A

We left Romania on Monday morning and after six hours of travelling by coach we arrived in Etropole, where some Bulgarian students welcomed us.
The next day began with the opening ceremony presented by the Bulgarian students. Their folk dances were wonderful and the interview with "Stamen Grigorov" was very instructive and educative. In the afternoon we were invited to the Municipality of the town where we met the mayor of the town. Then, we went to a walk around the town of Etropole.
Etropole is a town of rich culture and millenial history. For the century -long history the main industries of the town have been ore mining, wood processing, leather processing. Etrople is a hospitable and friendly town. There are a lot of old houses which have preserved the dynamic lifestyle of this small town. We had the opportunity to visit the Arnaudov's house, which was the house of a famous leather merchant.
On Wednesday we went to the diary farm of Malo Buchino. We had to wear a special costume inside the farm, which amused us a lot. We got acquainted with the modern technology of producing the Bulgarian Yoghurt. At departure our hosts offered us a natural yoghurt, which was delicious. Then we continued our trip to the village of Studen Izvor, D-r Stamen Grigorov's birthplace. Our guide told us that in 1905, at the age of 27, D-r. Stamen Grigorov made the discovery for which he is best known. The guide told us about the advantages of the Bulgarian yoghurt in the treatment of various diseases. Yoghurt in its original variety can be produced only in Bulgaria and in some neighbouring regions on the Balkan peninsula.
On Thursday we visited the historical city of Veliko Tarnovo. Tsarevec Fortress is located near the center of Veliko Tarnovo. It was the main Bulgarian fortress during the second Bulgarian kingdom. The view from the top of the hill impressed us very much.
On the last day we went to a trip to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Sofia is famous for its churches and the Boyana church has a unique architecture which facinated us.
Living in a host family was something new for us. The main advantages of living in a host family were: a long-lasting close relationship, the opportunity to share our experiences and culture with someone else. We had the chance to find out a lot of things about the Bulgarian way of life and just to live like a real Bulgarian person.
We spent wonderful moments in Bulgaria and the whole trip was a real success.





Ana: “I was impressed by the welcoming ceremony presented by the Bulgarian students. I liked the Clock Tower from Etropole, it slowly measures the time of the years passing”.
Vlad: “During this trip I could visit places where I have not been before, I made a lot of friends, and I got more confidence in myself.”
Otilia: “The whole trip was a real success. I could enlarge my horizons visiting and exploring new places. I will never forget the trip to the dairy farm, the Bulgarian yoghurt is delicious.”
Viorica: “The Bulgarian friends were very hospitable. I had the opportunity to visit a lot of interesting places like: the Boiana church, the old city of Veliko Tarnovo, the historical centre of Sofia, wonderful mountain landscapes.”
Alexandra: “It was a wonderful experience which I will never forget. All people I met in Bulgaria were friendly, kind and communicative. During the trip to Studen Izvor, I found out a lot of interesting things about Stamen Grigorov’s life and work.”