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Uppdated 2010-06-10




Our trip to Bulgaria was one to remember for the rest of our lives. It was incredibly much fun and developing, and all of us made new friends.
We were nine people going to Bulgaria from Sweden, two teachers and seven students. The teachers stayed at a hotel and the students lived in host families. We arrived in Bulgaria on the afternoon the 15th of March and met up with our hosts on the school. The evening was spent together with the host family in their home.
1st day we went to school in the morning to attend the opening ceremony. We got to see some Bulgarian folk dance, a singing performance and a short presentation about Stamen Grigorov. After we visited some classes and played games in the sports hall. Lunch was served at a restaurant in the town for everybody in the project. After lunch the guests went on a city walk guided by a few Bulgarian students and finished with meeting the mayor of Etropole, the town. In the evening we had a disco at school.
2nd day we went with the bus early in the morning to the birth village of Stamen Grigorov. On our way there we made a pause at a dairy farm where we got to taste some freshly made chocolate milk and got a guided tour and a run through of how yoghurt is made. We ate lunch at a restaurant in a town close to the small village which was the goal of the trip. In the small village we visited a yoghurt museum which was very small and sadly not very interesting for the one half of the group who didnít get a guide (all of us couldnít go in at the same time). The ride back to Etropole took 4 hours and when we got back it was late.
3rd day we left Etropole with the bus early in the morning again. First we went to a great cave which everybody thought was very cool, it was very big and beautiful. We continued the ride to a big city where we saw an old fortress, we also had lunch at a restaurant and got some time to go looking in souvenir stores.
4th day we went to Sofia. We visited the Bulgarian national museum, we made a city walk and saw among other things a cathedral, before we went back to Etropole in the evening we got some time at a big shopping mall.
On the last day we left for the airport in the late morning, we had some hours to say goodbye to our host families. When the buses left almost everybody were crying.
Ebba, Melinda, Hanna, Martin, Filip, Malte and Carl