Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists




Uppdated 2010-06-09




Impressions from the Bulgarian group

General Impressions

“Following the famous scientists” is a project which gives to its participants wonderful opportunities to get to know the cultures of the countries which take part in it, the scientists who have changed people’ s life and to meet a lot of new interesting people.
“I am really happy that I am taking part in the project. Four girls from our school were the lucky ones to visit Germany in May this year.”
“For me everything was useful and I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit Germany, get to know a new way of life and culture and to find new friends.”
“I am so happy that I could go to Germany. It was a magnificent trip which I will never forget. I saw such beautiful places and learned new things about this country. And it was so interesting for me because there we met boys and girls from other countries.”
“It was the most exciting ,unbelievable and unforgettable experience in my life so far. I have no words to describe it in the way in which I felt it.”

The Programme

“When we arrived in Vechelde the German hosts gave us a hearty welcome in their nice school which I liked a lot. They were really hospitable and nice people when they took us to their cozy homes. I was surprised because their organisation was great they had prepared a really interesting programme during our five-day stay there. The places which we visited like Pheano,and Autostadt in Wolfsburg and the other amazed me and I could hardly believe that I was there.But the most memorable was the part with the meeting of all these new people who I will never forget.”

“On 16.05.09 the whole group visited Phaeno in Wolfsburg. There I had my greatest time entertaining, investigating different toys and enjoying everithing. I didn’t want to get out of there but we had to go through the Autostadt where I was able to see the most expensive car in the world. The next day we had a trip to Remscheid-Lennep (the place of birth of Roentgen). There the tour through the city impressed me very much because of these all looking one and the same houses painted in green. In the Roentgen Museum we learnt a lot about the life and work of the scientist we were there about, we saw how he was working and understood it was not a simple thing to find and create such an invention.”

“The next day there was a welcome ceremony.Mira and I reached the school by bus and then we sat in front of the stage. When all the guests came, the concert started.It was a really good one - there were two boys who played the piano fantastically,there was a choir,a circus group and dancing groups.I really enjoyed it.After the end of the concert all participants in the project were taken to the school's gym and we played some games in order to know each other more.Everybody had a great time,including the teachers,too. Then we had a Physics lecture where we learned more about Roentgen’s discovery. After that we were invited at lunch by the mayor of Vechelde.Everything was delicious! After that the students had free time and my host Mira, two friends of hers and their guests and I travelled by bus to Braunschweig. This is a beautiful town! We visited many shops and shopping centers and we had a great time together.

The third day I enjoyed most. We visited Phaeno and Autostadt in Wolfsburg. I think Germany is worth visiting for these places. I saw amazing things in Phaeno and I just can’t explain it – everyone should see it on their own! What about Autostadt? Well, if I have a chance at least once in my life I would definitely visit it again. There were so many cars! And outside it was such a beautiful place – I felt like I’m in a fairy tale! I will remember this day for the rest of my life!

On the other day we visited Roentgen’s birth town – Lennep. It’s a small town which has traditional German houses and each of them was green with white windows and doors. There we saw Roentgen’s house which is now a museum.

After we had breakfast in the Youth Hostel we had a trip to Wurzburg by bus! Now I think we travelled too much, but then we weren’t so tired of travelling because we chatted to each other and the time passed fast. The first time I saw a real castle was in Wurzburg. It was amazing and really interesting for me. After that we visited Roentgen’s memorial and this was not so interesting for me at all.”

“For the week we were in Germany we saw very nice landmarks ( a town where Roentgen was born , Lennep and also the museum in which he had discovered the X-rays)another place which I liked was Phaeno in Wolfsburg (there was an interactive scientific exhibition) and Autostadt where we saw a display of cars, which was very interesting for me”

The school

“I liked their school very much becase it was new and everything looked perfect. The physics and chemistry classrooms looked like laboratories of scientists. One of my favourite activities was the interaction workshop at school because while we were having fun playing different games, we were finding out something new about the other children.”
“After that,our hosts and teachers showed us around the school - it was like a fantasy - neither me nor the rest have seen such a clean, new, well-equipped and kept by the students school.”

The host families

“About my hosts I can say they are the most hospitable people..I was happy because the mother knows 7 languages and one of them is Blugarian..And all the family know English so communicating with them was so easy. The girl who chose me to be her guest was also cool. I talked with her a lot and we share so many common interests for a little time we got really good friends and I regret that we are not from one country. She introduced me to her friends who liked me a lot and I liked them ,too.”
“Also I liked my host family very much,they were so kind to me. And now I can say that I have a good friend from Germany, who I am waiting to come in Bulgaria in March and stay with my family.”

The atmosphere

“But the most memorable was the part with the meeting of all these new people who I will never forget. I had really fantastic moments and now when I think about them I realise how much I miss them. The Polish, the German, Italian, Swedish, Romaniana nd Norwigean students soon became our friends. All of them were interesting and intelligent people and spending the time with them was a pleasure. We couldn’t get to know each other very well because most of the time we were busy and we weren’t together most of the time.. But the night when we had to spend in a hostel was the night when we all had fun together. We played games we talked about our traditional food or traditions. Some of the Students from Norway played the piano and I even cried. In all my life I hadn’t met such people. They were so sociable and kind..”
“I liked the hostel where all the group spent the night . It was so funny because all day we played games with other boys and girls and it this way we could understand something moreabout each other. Also we played cards and listened to music and one boy from Sweden played the piano . After that we all had dinner and discussed what we like to do in our free time. And with the group from Poland we discussed