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Polish memories...Visit to Italy September 2009 The Memories from the trip to Italy.
By polish group of students

Arrival 28/09/09
All the Polish participants of the trip were amazed on the first day when we arrived at the hotel, tired after a long journey. We didn't expect to have accommodation in such a beautiful and comfortable place. Having the chance to have all groups in the same place enabled us to integrate from the very beginning. The students appreciated and liked everything about the hotel and we were all more than satisfied with the place.

Tuesday 29/09/09
The opening ceremony at school It was something worth seeing. It was a very nice and warm welcome and we all enjoyed the show prepared by the Italian students. One of the teachers noticed some small drawbacks but everyone did their best and that was the most important aspect. Knowing what type of school it is, with mostly male students who have no artistic subjects, the preparation must have been a lot of work and effort and it was visible that all the people performing on the stage were really focused on their parts and felt responsible for what they had to do. The Polish students liked the band very much and it sounded almost like a professional one. It was great to be there together admiring the Italian students performance. The multimedial presentation about Fermi Unfortunately, although the content of the presentation was interesting and very important for all the participants it was really difficult to appreciate and what is more even to understand because the boys were reading too fast and not really paying attention if they are well understood. The students' impression was that they would understand more if the presentation was done at least more slowly. And some of them said it could have been a little bit more interesting. The students' workshops They were a great chance to get to know all the people involved in the project and to see the Italian school which is modern and very big. The Italians were really nice, warm and friendly showing us around and telling us about their school and school rules. We could find out more about other countries' schools and rules at the same time. The activities prepared were interesting but we would appreciate more options prepared. The teachers' workshops They were very fruitful meetings. We had a lot of discussions but we managed to reach some final conclusions. There were so many serious things we had to discuss and still we managed to have great atmosphere during our meetings. Buffets The buffets were nice chance to taste the typical Italian cuisine which for some of the students was a totally new experience. We all enjoyed the food very much, not only the one served at school but also the food we were served at the hotel. Of course after a few days we missed other types of vegetables. But still it was something new and interesting to us to eat sweet breakfast. That is why they say "traveling broadens your mind". Tour through Naples and visit to Royal Palace We all loved the possibility to visit the Royal Palace which amazed us with such a rich collection of exhibits, very well preserved and presented in beautiful and exceptionally interesting surroundings. The marble walls and statues were incredible. The history presented by the tour guide was also very interesting. Unfortunately when we left the Palace and started the tour through the city there were some complications with finding the tour guide. Luckily we managed to find her and everything was fine later.

Wednesday 30/09/09
We had the pleasure to visit the University of Naples where we observed the experiments of Galileo. It was really amazing and fascinating to see how young secondary school' students are explaining and talking about physics experiments. They showed the importance of the discoveries done by Galileo. The only thing which made it difficult was the language - the Italian students didn't even try to say anything in English. Still, we found this point of scientific presentation very interesting. The other part at the university was a PPP of Enrico Fermi. The information shown in the presentation was very vivid and rich in its content. Unfortunately, the form of sharing the knowledge with the listeners was not really interesting. The way of reading and the slow pace made it difficult for the students to concentrate and to get as much knowledge as possible from the presentation. Later the walk through the old city centre enabled us to see so many beautiful streets, monuments, squares and generally the amazing architecture of the city of Naples. All of us appreciated it very much, especially two students, who are interested at architecture and archeology. It was very nice that we could buy some souvenirs there as well. The visit in Herculaneum was something really fascinating. The films presenting the history of the ancient city and Vulcano Vesuvio were really interesting. When we were walking through all these remains and finding out about so many things we were not aware of it became clear how important and intriquing the ancient times were.

Thursday 01/10/09
Visiting Rome made us all fascinated with the incredible architecture, amazing atmosphere of the city and the history being present everywhere we went. The students liked the possibility to see so many amazing statues, fountains, buildings well known around the World. The moment when we saw Coloseum or Vatican was very emotional for all of us. In Rome we also visited the University which was really enormous. Again finding out all abundant information about Enrico Fermi and his achievements was fascinating.

Friday 02/10/09
Meeting at the Neapolitan factory owners' union was very nice. We did not expect the owners to be so open to talk to us about the problem existing in Naples - the Mafia. Unfortunately students did not know beforehand that they would be able to ask questions so they were too shy and being not prepared made them feel not self-confident. But still it was a great chance to find out so much interesting information about Naples and your Italian culture. All members of our Polish group appreciated the visit to the factory of chocolate. The possibility to taste Italian chocolates was very kind.Trying the typical Neapolitan pizza was also something we all liked very much. It was delicious.

Saturday 03/10/09
Meeting the local authorities was something special. All the people were so nice. Lunch - The food prepared by the school was really delicious and we appreciated it very much. What is more, we were happy to try the typical Italian/ Neapolitan cuisine. The guided tour of the Royal Palace in Caserta was again a visit which we all liked very much. The students were amazed at how beautiful and well preserved the Palace was. There were also the amazing and huge gardens but unfortunately after the whole week of sightseeing we were all too tired to visit them but we appreciated the view. Italy is definitely a country with rich culture and history, which we all loved, and to get a lot of it we would need more time than only a week. Still it was amazing to be able to see so much in such short time. Thank you for letting us know at least a little about your fascinating and beautiful country. The last point was Gala dinner which was a very special treat for us. We all enjoyed the delicious food, nice music and the possibility to spend the last amazing evening with all the people we met on the trip, especially so nice and friendly Italian teachers and the headmaster. It was a great pleasure to visit your country, your school and to see so much. The whole trip was a great opportunity to use English and improve language abilities and to overcome some limits our students had. The students enjoyed the stay at the hotel very much because every evening they had the opportunity to socialize with other participants and to find out more about other cultures. They could dance and have fun. All of us also appreciated the stay in Amalfi on our last day in Italy very much. It was too bad that not all the countries had this chance, as the place was the most beautiful we had ever seen before. And we think it would be a perfect ending for all the countries to be able to relax at the beach a little. Once again we would all like to thank you for the amazing stay in Italy - it was definitely the trip we will always remember.