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Uppdated 2010-06-09



Italian Memories of NORWAY - Teachers' View Point

Sunday 16th May
We arrived in the early afternoon in Trondheim and our Norwegian colleagues were waiting for us . Their welcome was warm and friendly and we immediately felt at ease.
They brought us to school where our students' host parents were waiting for them . Then we were taken to our hotel . In the evening we went to visit the city centre And we were amazed by the view of the buildings built on the water and by the late sunset.

Monday 17th May
At 8.00 we were taken to Breidablikk school for the flag ceremony .

Then we had breakfast at school all together and so we had the chance to meet the other groups from the partner schools and , in most cases, to start to know each other. After breakfast we joined the local celebration of the Norwegian national day.

After a snack at school we joined the celebration of the national day at the city centre together with hosts. Then we went back to school for dinner . It was a nice experience being part of this special celebration : we could "breathe" their national pride everywhere and we were honoured to share this important event with them.

Tuesday 18th May
At 8.00 we had a working session at school : we could share impressions , opinions and suggestions. Then we went to Vitensentret, a very interesting scientific centre where we could try a lot of experiments on our own .Then we went to the City Hall , we had lunch there and we were received by the vice mayor .

We had a walk in the city centre and we got to Nidarosdomen for a guided tour . Then we walked to the harbour for a pleasant trip to Hitra by boat from where we did some astonishing sightseeing !

We had dinner at Naz Perwer on Hemnskjela: a good dinner altogether in a typical restaurant .It was very lovely , all teachers and students felt part of a whole group , and they enjoyed each other's company .We went back to the hotel at about 10.00 p.m , tired but happy and delighted about the experiences we had shared and the places we had visited .

Wednesday 19th May
In the morning we went to NTNU, Norwegian University for Science and Technology, the place where Ugelstad worked and made his discoveries. We were given a very interesting lecture, we watched a film about him and we had the chance to visit the laboratories . We received interesting information and explanations about the Ugelstad scientific research . We had a snack there and then we went to Lerkendal stadium, home of Rosenborg BK.

Our students enjoyed the visit to the stadium very much and they were interested in all the information they received about this football team . We had the rest of the afternoon free and so we had some time for shopping .In the evening we had a really pleasant dinner at Laura's place : the atmosphere was really enjoyable : we sang and danced in a friendly environment .

Thursday 20th May
At 9.00 we were at school and we had the opportunity of visiting it which we appreciated very much .

It was very instructive to have the chance of comparing their scholastic situation with ours and to share the differences between their school system and ours . They also entertained us with songs and dances . Then we went to Tyholttower for lunch : we saw an amazing view from there but we also had some time to enjoy each other's company .

In the afternoon the Italian group took some free time for visiting the city centre : It was a lovely walk in the warm and sunny main streets.

In the evening there was the farewell ceremony at ?sheim ungdomsskole with dinner and disco. It was very moving to see our students hugging and kissing their new friends : they had had a fantastic experience they would never forget ! We said goodbye to the Norwegian colleagues and thanked them for their warm and friendly hospitality.

Italian Memories of NORWAY - STUDENTS' View Point

We stayed in Trondheim for five days for the Comenius project. It was on amazing experience and we were so happy for having been given this opportunity. We arrived on 16th May, in Trondheim . After a long journey we were soon welcomed by Lernes family. They were very friendly form the beginning and they made us feel right at home
The first day, they took us to Lerkendal stadium for the match of the local team ; Rosenborg. We were a little bit shy at the start, but after having spent several hours with them, we started to feel at ease.
The second day , we went with the other students of the Comenius project to Heimdal Samfunnshus for a parade to celebrate the National day.
In the afternoon , after lunch, we went back to the city centre to see the rest of the celebration. It was really interesting because we had the chance to witness the typical celebration of Norwegian traditions .
The third day, we had a little time to visit Trondheim , and later we visited the scientific centre, where we could practice different activities .
We visited Nidarosdomen cathedral. It is very ancient but very beautiful.
Afterwards, the journey started to be more exciting since we went to visit Hitra fjord. It was a really pleasant experience , we really enjoyed going there, and we were very lucky because the sun was shining. It made our journey even more beautiful.
The fourth day, after the usual meeting with the other students, we visited NTNU University where the eminent professor John Ugelstad made his discoveries.
The place was really worth visiting and it felt like we were able to feel the emotions of the famous scientist. We stayed in the University for lunch and then we went to see the main stadium of Rosenborg.
The fifth day we had one last meeting at school and the students entertained us with some typical songs and stories.
When it was lunch time, we went to Tyholttower : its main characteristic is that it slowly rotates on itself and after an hour it completes the turn. It was very cool because we could see Trondheim form a very high place. The view was amazing.
While we were getting back to school, we had the chance to visit GRANASEN and we were surprised because there was the snow. After dinner at school , we were rewarded with a certificate of participation that indicated our involvement in the project. We were very happy!
The last night was sad and amazing at the same time for the farewell ceremony .
We will never forget our stay in your beautiful country. We hope to come and visit you again in the future.