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Italian Memories of Poland - Teachers' View Point

Arrival 24th April
We enjoyed the flights and we were very happy that Magdalena came to the airport to pick us up. Then Dorota came to the hotel for a short walk with some students to have the chance to get to know each other . Lunch at school
25th April
In the morning we went around Gdynia while the project was really kicked off with the opening ceremony . We had lunch at school and all the groups were together in the school canteen .
At Polish School
We visited the school and then we were taken to a hall where the opening ceremony was performed . It was a fantastic show and we appreciated both students ' and teachers' involvement to present the best of their traditions. There was a very inviting buffet waiting for us in the canteen after the ceremony and we all enjoyed it . Then we had the working session , it was very useful to get to know each other but also to discuss the main points . Unfortunately it was the only one we did and probably we would have needed more effective workshops.
26th April
The trip to Lidzbark Warminsky was interesting but there were some problems with the guide and so we couldn't enjoy the visit to the full . Then we went to Frombork but it was quite far and so it took a long time to get there .
We visited the cathedral and the tower : an interesting excursion but in the end we were very hungry as we had to wait for our lunch until 5.00 p.m , which was very late for us.
27th April
We visited the Tricity : we liked Gdansk very much and we were sorry not to have more time to spend there and visit its most important historical places . Dorota spent the whole day with us and was very kind and accommodating. We enjoyed both a pleasant mood and lunch all together in Panorama restaurant in Gdansk . In the afternoon we quickly went through Sopot : very nice seaside and thermal resort . We appreciated the Tricity very much : Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot are very nice cities, very interesting to visit.
In the evening we were in a Kashubian restaurant and it was a warm and pleasant evening with so many Polish colleagues who made us feel at ease . We were relaxed and had a lot of fun all together in an informal atmosphere . The Polish colleagues entertained us and we really appreciated their involvement to create such a friendly mood .
28th April
We went to visit the university named after Copernicus and the Planetarium and the visit was well worthwhile . The scientist gave us a lot of interesting explanations and we were all really impressed by the visit and by the things we learned . Then we visited Torun , we saw a lot of interesting places and buildings in the Old City and we also had some free time in the afternoon after a good lunch in a restaurant in the city centre . We also visited the museum of gingerbread and we tried to produce it on our own : a very nice experience. We spent a nice day , everything was fantastic, we visited interesting places and the atmosphere in the group was very pleasant.
29th April
We were received by the vice-president of Gdynia in the City Hall. We were impressed by the authorities' welcome and by their availability . We saw a presentation about Gdynia and so we had the chance to appreciate the city to the full . Then we left the group as we had our flights in the early afternoon . We really liked this experience and enjoyed every activity the Polish partners organized. It was the best way to start such an important project : we always felt at ease and happy to join the group . Above all we appreciated the way the Polish teachers and students treated their guests : we could feel their warmth and involvement in all the activities they arranged.

Italian Memories of Poland - Students' View Point

Jurney to Poland
It was the 24th April 2009, and excited and maybe a little scared, we went with our families to the airport for what would be our first trip abroad. At the start we were lost, and we were scared about the trip by plane, it was the first time for us. When all of us were there (at the airport) we started to check-in. After check-in it was the moment to say goodbye to our parents, a little sad and a little happy we went on the plane. The trip was divided in three stages: Naples - Milan; Milan - Warsaw and Warsaw - Gdansk. From there we were to go to Gdynia with Bartek's father. The trip was good and funny, our fears had disappeared, but on our arrival at the hotel, we were tired and we preferred to stay there. One hour later we went to the bank to change our money with the teachers and a little time later the Polish students decided to make a surprise for us, we met them on the street. The girls were really beautiful!. They showed us the city. We stayed all the afternoon with them and in the evenig we went to the Barracuda: a famous restaurant in Gdynia. Finally we went back to the hotel to sleep!
On the second day , in the morning we met the Romanian guys and we went to the school coordinating the project. Patrycja and Matt presented the show. The guys did traditional dances and awesome choreographies. The show was very interesting, and funny, because we had to sing a particular song that talked about the body parts, but not only in Italian, but in Polish, German, Swedish, etc.. it was very hard! After we visited the school, we played table tennis and danced in the disco.
On the third day we visited Gdansk. While we were travelling we met other guys: Sims, Mims, Mona, Doro, Steffy, Michelle, Amanda, Manu, Alexandra, etc. When we arrived there , we visited some churches. In The afternoon we came back to Gdynia to go bowling and it was very funny! Daniela won the game, she was very good. In the evening we went back to the hotel, but we decided to go out with the Romanian guys and we went to the Barracuda for a drink. At eleven o'clock we went back to the hotel to sleep.
On the fourth day we went to Frombork to visit the famous Cathedral. The Guide showed us an organ that played beautiful sounds, and we also saw art objects similar to the ones we have in Italy. We bought some souvenirs for our parents and our friends and later we ate an unusual hot dog that would be strange in Italy. Then we went to the hostel and we ate something like tortillas. Later we came back to the hotel to sleep.
On the fifth day we went to Torun and we visited the Gingerbread museum and we prepared gingerbread on our own. After that we visited the city and we bought some chocolate, it was wonderful. We also bought a present for a polish girl that gave us a present too. We took a photo with all the guys and all the teachers of the project, under Copernicus's statue. We went to eat in a restaurant and later when we went back to the hotel we were a little sad because the day after we had to leave the city. In the evening we went to Barracuda(only the Italian group) for the last time, to celebrate the end of this fantastic trip!!!
On the sixth day we went to Gdynia's municipality in the morning and in the afternoon we came back to Naples. During the flight we missed all our new friends and we were very sad because it was hard to get back to normal life after such a wonderful experience in a city that we liked so much.
We would like to repeat the experience again!