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Uppdated 2010-06-10




I have never been out of my country and Im happy that I had the chance of visiting Romania. Its a beautiful country with amazing nature and sights. On the first day of our trip we went to Ramnicu Valcea in the school of Romanian students. Its a secondary school students from 1st to 8th grade. They were very kind and friendly to us and the students from the other countries. The school was too big for a secondary school and the facilities were really good. Romanian teachers gave us presents and they had prepared an interesting welcome program. We learnt more about their culture, dances, songs and interests. I really liked their dances and in Romania I danced with them they are so different from ours and so funny. I had a good time there. I met a lot of new interesting people. We had good conversations together and made friendship. After the welcome program we had an English lesson. It was interesting, too. We were separated in six groups. In every group there were students from different countries. That was a good way to communicate. Then we made an origami - airplanes. We made three different models of the planes. It was difficult but at the same time funny. We had lunch in the school the food was good. Then we went to the MALL. A really huge mall! I bought some presents for my family and my friends and then we went to the hotel. It was a small hotel but it was nice. The evening was good and I enjoyed it. ?
On the second day of the trip we visited a lot of sights. First we went to the National Research and development institute for criogenics and isotopic technologies in Ramnicu Valcea. We saw all the machines which made different things. The most interesting part was when we saw how they prepared wine and water. The building was really huge. After that we went to the salt mine Ochele Mari. It was great. I liked it. The smell was bad at first time but then was OK. There were a lot of places in different corners. There was a place to play football, pool, tennis. A romantic spot with a table, wine on it and special hats. There was a church, soldiers and many other interesting places. After lunch we visited Hurez pottery workshop. I tried to make a bowl of clay. It was good. Im happy I tried that. Finally we went to the Hurez Monastery. It was big like ours.
On the third day we went to the Town- Hall to meet the local authorities. It was nice and we learnt more things about the Romanian people. After lunch we visited the village museum. It was a big town with old houses, a school and a church. I took photos because it was really beautiful. At night we had a Gala dinner- a Farewell party. The food was their traditional food and was delicious. Their food is close to ours. The songs were great and we danced all night. We had a few minutes to introduce our country. We sang our traditional song and then we danced a Bulgarian horo. Every country had a different performance. I liked them all. I love the time I spent there.
On the last day we went to Bucharest to the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Then we visited The Military Museum. After lunch we went to the Technical Museum. We saw very interesting things all day and learnt a lot. The most interesting part was when we went to the Parliament Palace (peoples house). The halls were enormous and beautiful. The whole building was huge! In the evening we went to another hotel in Bucharest , we had dinner and we rested. I liked my trip! Every moment I spent there was special. And Im happy because now I have contacts with all my friends I have made there.
We arrived in Romania on 10.03.2010 in town Rm.Valcea .We were accommodated in a three- star hotel which was clean and nice.On the next day after we took a rest , we went to the opening ceremony in their school. I enjoyed the songs and the dances of the Romanian students , we were also introduced with the Romanian scientist. Henri Marie Coanda June 7, 1886 November 25, 1972) was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and builder of the world's first jet powered aircraft, the Coanda-1910. He also discovered the Coanda effect is the tendency of a fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby surface. The principle was named after Romanian aerodynamics pioneer Henri Coanda, who was the first to recognize the practical application of the phenomenon in aircraft development. Our small experience to make origami planes was very amusing.Here was and our first official meeting with all students from the project.On 12.03.2010 we visited: The national Institute of Cryogenics and Isotopic technologies ,The salt mine Ocnele mari and Horezu Monastery and the Hurez pottery workshop. Everything was interesting and curious.On 13.03.2010 we visited The Town Hall and the Village museum. I was very surprised at the Town Hall, the decoration was very beautiful and the lunch was very good. In the evening we had a Farewell party. We danced a lot and it was really funny. But we were also sad because that was our last night together.In spite of this it was one unforgettable night. On the next day early in the morning we travelled to the Romanian capital Bucharest. Their we visited :The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering , The Military Museum, The Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida and The Parliament Palace. From everything that we saw in Romania I was most impressed by The Military Museum and The Parliament Palace .The Military Museum was big with many halls, in which there were many interesting exhibits, picture and many facts about the past of Romania.The Parliament Palace is the second biggest building in Europe. It was huge and looked amazing. It is a really national pride for his country.
My trip to Romania was one great adventure and it finished with many impressions of this country and with many new friends. Im glad that I was a part of this project.
What impressed me most was the welcome. The program in their school was excellent. The Romanian partners had a good organization and are very friendly people. Theirschool is a primary school but it is very large and beautiful. We were accommodated in beautiful hotels. Every day we saw something interesting and useful. Since this project is to learn to communicate with people from many countries, I liked this very much.