Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists





Uppdated 2010-06-09



Italian Teachers' View Point...

The trip was long and tiring as it involved two countries.
We first arrived in Bucharest and it was so strange to us to find so much snow on the road towards Valcea, the town where host school was placed. We had left from Naples in a sunny day.
We were accommodated in a good hotel that was placed in a nice site, Olanesti, completely covered by snow; it was so cold but so suggestive.
The rooms were nice and well equipped with a good sight on a small channel nearby the hotel; also the restaurant inside the hotel was nice and the waiters so kind.
Both students and teachers were in the same hotel and that was so nice as we all had the chance to stay together all day and to communicate each other.
We visited very interesting places like the Monastery in Horezu, the salt mine Ocnele Mari and the History Museum.
But above all we found very interesting the visit to the Faculty of Aerospace engineering where a teacher showed us what "Coanda effect" is.
We were received at Town Hall by the Mayor of Valcea who appreciated the educational value of Comenius project and invited all participating countries to repeat this extraordinary experience.
Also we appreciated the welcome by the headmaster of Valcea school and our Romanian colleagues.
They worked so that the atmosphere in our group was always nice and relaxing and they put always attention to any problem of each of us.
The night before leaving to Bulgaria we slept in a big and elegant hotel placed nearby the border line.