Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists




Uppdated 2010-06-11



Impressions of the Polish Students

10.03.2010 r.

On the first day we got up very early. Everyone was very excited because we were supposed to fly by two planes ! For a few of us it was a first flight in our life. After admiring the amazing views from the plane, we had to land in Bucharest. Then we were going for 4 hours from the airport by minivan to the hotel in Olanesti. The way was extremely exciting because our racing - driver took the street bends with an enormous speed. At last we reached our hotel and we were soooooooooo tired....

11.03.2010 r.
The next day we went to school where our Romanian friends showed their national dances and songs that were cool. We also took part in interesting workshops. The real hit of them were "origiami" activities and making plane models with paper. After that we were taking maaaaaaaaaaany pictures with our Romanian friends - they were so friendly. Next we ate a delicious lunch at school and we went to the shopping mall (yeah) ,where the Romanian guys taught us many Romanian words and we taught them too, but Polish words.
12.03.2010 r.
We visited the institute where " healthy 'water was produced. We were in the salt mine but it was stinking there so we didn't like it very much . However, there were pretty walls of salt....Then we went to ''Horezu Monastery''. The church we visited was really beautiful :). In Hurez pottery workshop one of our Italian friends had a chance to check his abilities in making the vase on the pottery equipment.

13.03.2010 r.
Reporters and video cameras were following our steps while we visited the local authorities in Rimnicu Vilcea. The rest of this day we spent in the Village Museum which was fantastic, and second thing was of course the evening disco!!!! At midnight a huge "Following the famous scientists" cake came to our ballroom. Everybody tasted it with a big pleasure.

14.03.2010 r.
Mmmm the trip to Bucharest was fantastic!!! We visited a museums of technology, an enormous palace of parliament, still under the construction, and we saw the prototype of the flying machine made by Henry Coanda. It was really impressive! Unfortunately we had to say good bye to our Romanian friends which was veeeery sad... After "Goodbye" we went to the Grand Rin Hotel - that was a very big and luxurious building.

15.03.2010 r.
That was a very tiring day- the way to Bulgaria by bus.