Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists




Uppdated 2010-06-11



Impressions of the Swedish Students
by by Johanna and Cecilia

Day 1

We departed from Copenhagen and went to Romania via Vienna. We arrived in Valcea and took a minibus to Olanesti with the Germans. We ate dinner at the hotel and then we went to bed.

Day 2

We left the hotel at 8:30 and went to the school to see the opening ceremony. It was interesting and fun to see some of the culture of Romania. We also played some games including some origami. Later on, we went to a mall and stayed there for about three hours. The Swedish leader, Joakim, was selected along with the German Aurelia to participate in a tv show to answer some questions about the Comenius project. It went well.

Day 3

At 8:00 we took the bus to National Institute of Cryogenics and Isotopic where we got a guided tour through the facility about a couple of analytic methods and an explanation of what heavy water is and how it can be used.
Then we went to an old salt-mine where our teachers bought like 5 tons of salt and a couple of us students played football with the Italians, sadly neither of us were very good at it.
After this it was time for lunch at a restaurant where they played very loud Romanian folk-music, which was quite annoying.
Then we visited the Horezy Monastery, quite nice. And the slippery (the way up there was covered in ice). We then saw a pottery workshop, where two students tried out making pots and got covered in mud and some bought a couple of pots as souvenirs.

Day 4

At 9:30 departure to the Town hall where we got to meet the local authorities and Johanna asked him about the homeless dogs (she was only one who dared to say a word). After this, we got a guided tour through a Village Museum. At the evening the Romanian school hosted a Gala-dinner and a farewell party (once again, loud music)

Day 5

6:30 (way too early) we got on the bus and started our 6 hour journey towards Bucharest. We went to see the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the Military Museum, once again a guided tour. After this, lunch and a very hastily performed tour of the technical museum called ?Dimitrie Leonida?. Right after that, we went to the Parliament Palace, or People?s house, it was very large and beautiful, infact it?s the second largest Parliament in the world. After that we said farewell and went to our new 4 star hotel.

Day 6

We went home. Departure day for the Swedish delegation.