Comenius - Following the Famous Scientists





Uppdated 2010-06-09




“From 25 May to 1 June I was on a greet trip to Sweden. Sweden is one very nice country with beautiful nature. We were in a big city called Lund. We stayed with host families of students from Spyken. They are very friendly people and all students speak English very well. Their lifestyle is healthy. The Swedish students and teachers organised many trips in the city and in Sweden. We visited Lund’s university and we had a lecture about their scientist Tycho Brache. At the school our hosts recreated Tycho Brahe’s life and death. I liked a lot the trip to the island. We learned a lot about Tycho Brahe’s theories about the universe. The time spent there was full of unforgettable experiences”
“This travel was the greatest adventure in my life as it was for all the participants. It gave us the chance to meet new and different people from Italy, Poland, Norway, Germany, Romania Norway and Sweden and to see how the people in Sweden live and to get to know about their culture and traditions.
We also learned a lot about the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. He found the star "Stella Nova" and with his discoveries he helped Kepler create his laws. We could see Tycho Brache’s native place and the places where he worked many years ago. We also learned a number of interesting and funny facts of the scientist’s life, for example how he lost his nose and had to wear a prosthesis until the end of his life.
Sweden is a really beautiful country and it's very different from Bulgaria. What impressed me most was that people there. They really take care and keep their nature and the Island of Ven is a real proof for this!
This trip left unforgettable memories in my mind and I will always remember it and the kind people who I met there. I would like to meet these people again!”
“The trip was amazing. People there were very outgoing and kind with us. The only problem was the weather. It was very cold. I liked most the island of Hven.
This place is perfect for relaxing. The view at night is so magnificent. I also liked the school and the Renaissance dinner at Spyken was great. For me it was very interesting to play Bowling because I had never played this game before.I will always remember this trip because it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”