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Uppdated 2010-07-13



Impressions of the Polish Students
by: Kamila Kass, Marika Domozych, Ania Bladowska, Ola Niewiadomska and Oskar Kocio?ek

SWEDEN 25th May - 02nd June

The ferry trip to Karlskrona from Gdynia was definitely not "pleasure cruise". The weather was stormy and we felt sea-sick for ten hours. For some of us it was the first long voyage but Neptune wasn't merciful to us. We finally arrived in Karlskrona at 9 p.m. The next day, we were in Lund at 00:17. Bodil Merkel, the Swedish teacher greeted us at the train station, and we went to our host families.
In the morning, at Spyken, the Swedish students and teachers prepared a warm welcome, too. We also met a lot of other people from different countries. Then there was a guided tour of Lund, so we saw many interesting places. Of course, we took lots of pictures. On Wednesday evening, we went to the theatre to see a musical called "Rent". It was in Swedish, so we didn't understand anything, but we enjoyed it very much. The play was performed by the students of Spyken who acted and sang like professionals.
On Thursday we were at the University of Lund. Everything we saw was new for us, especially the experiments conducted by the students of Lund. In the evening we went to the bowling alley. No teachers, only students! What a pity, it was only an hour of our game. It was fun!
On Friday we were at school to see the lessons. It was so different than in Poland. You could talk to your teacher like to your friend. The students discussed the subject of the lesson. After school we went to see a football match : Spyken vs another school.
On Saturday we went to the beautiful island called Hven. I've never seen such a beautiful place. The day on the island was perfect. The museum of Tycho Brahe was very interesting. And the guide told us the story of his life which was very exciting. After that we went cycling round the island and in the evening we had a barbecue.
On Sunday morning we had to leave the island. Unfortunately! But I hope that I'll come back there! When we were in Sweden we also visited the castle where Tycho Brahe lived. In the evening there was a Renaissance dinner with dances, and the rock concert! The teacher from Spyken was singing like a rock star!
On Monday we had to say goodbye to everyone. After that we went shopping in Malmo to buy something for our families.
On Tuesday we left Lund, and we went to Karlskrona. There was a guided tour with our teachers who were our "guides with a map". At 8 o'clock in the evening we were already on the ferry. The trip to Gdynia was much better than the trip from Gdynia to Kalskrona. At 8 o'clock in the morning the next day our families welcomed us in Gdynia.