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Uppdated 2010-06-22



Impressions of the Romanian Students

Tuesday the 25 May 2010

After a long and rather tiring journey the Romanian group made of the students Alis, Andra, Larisa, Mara and ?tefania and their teachers Iohana, Viorica and Ion, finally arrived at the Lund station. We were welcomed by Bodil, the Swedish coordinator, and by those who were our hosts. There was so much warmth and friendship that the long trip was soon forgotten.

Wednesday the 26 May

The next morning we all gathered under the big tree in front of the school. During breakfast the students and the teachers shared first impressions about the warm atmosphere at each of the host families. In the assembly hall we all received gifts: badges, t-shirts and something very important - a tourist's guide of the historical centre of Lund - there was no way one could have got lost in that wonderful town.
After a short meeting - a "get-to-Know" briefing about the school, we had a lovely walk through the city of Lund together with the History teacher, Mr. Lundell. We visited incredible cultural monuments - the Dome from the centre which impressed us by the architecture, the catacombs with beautiful columns, the legend of Finnn, the building of the University, the most prestigious from all Scandinavia.
After lunch we visited the Town Hall of Lund where Mrs. Klette, who was in charge of the town's educational institution received us. The fact that the city has no mayor, only people in charge of different activities, amazed us. We all signed the Town Hall's book of Honor and this was a special moment for us.
When we returned to Spyken we watched original presentations of Tycho Brahe. The day ended as beautifully as it started. We all watch the musical "Rent", which was performed by the students. The message was obvious to all of us-friendship beyond barriers.

Thursday the 27 May

The entire Comenius group went to the University of Lund, the John Ericssons Faculty where, after a short presentation of The Polytechnics, a few students invited us to participate at several workshops where we practiced some Physics rules. Curiosity made us get involved into the interactive activities.
At the Astronomy Observatory we all attended a lecture on the activity of the astronomer Tycho Brahe. The view from the top was amazing. We spotted some of the buildings we had visited and the school, too. While the teachers attended a working session in Spyken, the children relaxed watching a football match and playing bowling in the evening.

Friday the 28 May

For the first part of the day we split into small groups and we attended the classes together with our Swedish friends. We could compare the different ways of teaching. We were impressed by the friendly atmosphere from the classrooms, and the modern equipment. At the Biology class the bravest students found out their blood type. In the afternoon our girls were supporters of the Spyken football team. Unfortunately we lost. It happens?

Saturday the 29 May

Early in the morning we went by bus on a two days trip. The first stop was at the Knutstorp castle, the place where Tycho Brahe's family lived for a while. It was interested that the museum's guide, the owner of the house, was the descendant of a family who had bought the castle from the authorities centuries ago.
As soon as we arrived to Landskrona we went by boat to the Hven Island. There we stayed at a beautiful youth hostel facing the sea. After a bike ride on the island, we all met at the Tycho Brahe Museum. We were impressed by the fact that, although nothing was left from the old castle that Brahe had built, the Swedish people recreated a moment from Brahe's working atmosphere from the Observatory of the famous astronomer. The yellow of the rape fields, the green of the wheat fields together with the blue of the sea created an unforgettable painting that would stay with us forever.
It seemed like heaven and we, the students and the teachers, enjoyed the hospitability and the friendship of our hosts. It was a day to remember for all of us.

Sunday the 30 May

The next day we were sorry to leave the island. We departed for Osterlen to see the castle of Glimmingehus where the guides welcomed us being dressed in old costumes. At Ale Stenar we visited a temple of the Vikings.
Later in the afternoon we went back to Lund and we all prepared for the special Renaissance evening. We tried to recreate Tycho Brahe's time but those who impressed us with their performance wer the dancers from Lund and the Italian group. Bulgarian folklore group was very professional, and we were delighted with their dances. It was an amazing evening.

Monday the 31 May

The participation diplomas were handed in at the ceremony which took place in the assembly hall. Each country had to perform a special traditional moment. The Romanian group sang two traditional folklore songs. The meeting ended with the Kom song by Monica Aslund, inspired by performed by our friends from Spyken. The girls from Romania had a farewell party at Hanna's house. They had a great time.

Tuesday the 1 June

Though it was the 1 June - the Children's - a day we were supposed to by happy, we all had tears in our eyes. We had to say good - bye to our dear friends.
We still have Facebook, the memories - from our souls and the hopeful belief that we shall meet again.
P.S. "I was very impressed by the fact that the Swedish use bicycles in town and use the car very little. The people were very tolerant - you could wear whatever you wanted to wear without anyone judging you. Being thin or fat didn't make them judge you. I really appreciated the way they live their life.
The lawn, the gardens, the clean streets and the parks with blossoming lilac overwhelmed me."